Thursday, February 10, 2011


The past few months have been difficult, both mentally and physically. Thank you to those of you who have kept prodding me. I have held your words close to me, turning them over like worry stones and rubbing them smooth. Instead of weighing me down, they helped to anchor me and keep me grounded.

I have spent the last few months quite overwhelmed by life. The biggest problem I have, aside from my actual bigness, is that I am over-educated and underemployed. I work in the public sector, and my hours are dependent on property tax values. Unfortunately, I also live in an area with some of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. Toss in the fact that I have always been an emotional eater.  Add a pinch of chronic medical condition. Stir as vigorously as possible. What a wonderful recipe for ulcers, lethargy, and weight gain!

It has been a long winter of pushing my rock up the hill, but I have made significant progress. My refrigerator is, once again, full of spinach and low carb tortillas. My resume is up to date and ready for any opportunity. Best of all, my creativity is blooming. Life might not be great, but it is showing some promise.


  1. I'm so glad you're back and you are feeling hopeful. My morning routine includes checking this every day, before I go to my weight loss support group and plan my day. Day after day, I saw the word "inertia"...Now, here you are! I'm so glad. I suspect that inertia phase was a very fertile time. We need your words, your photos, your thoughts. I am so relieved to hear your voice again. Thanks.

  2. I'm happy to be back. It means a great deal to me to have you out there watching!