Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today's win... not going to the grocery store because I know I would have come home with illegal snack foods.  It's not much, but it's better than last week.


  1. Find a farmer's market in your area. Make a point to go on the weekend. Take your eco-friendly bags (burlap, nylon, canvas, cotton, whatever) and buy fresh produce. Go home. Eat a huge salad with healthy oils and lean protein. Make a shopping list while you chew. Now, go to the supermarket and get the good proteins, any other produce you need, lean dairy, whole grains. And nothing overly processed. Nothing refined flour/sugar/crap. No cookies. No ice cream. No junk.

    Fill the house with sound food and you'll fill your belly with sound food.

    Now, get a ziploc bag and put snacks you can keep in your purse. Instead of doritos and ice cream, when you gotta wait out traffic or gotta have a snack, it's there. Nuts and dried fruit. Protein bars. An apple. whatever...just always have something in your purse/bag.

    If you routinely stay at your friends during "high snack urge" time, then keep healthy snacks THERE. Have her stash some no-junk things there. Bring fruit and nuts and string cheese. Keep stuff you can grab and chew as needed that aren't more than maybe 100 to 150 cals at a go.

    You have to have the plan and the strategy or you will default to habit/cravings. Have the plan. Have the utensils and tools handy.

    You'll kill the fat. :)

  2. Wow! Princess Dieter! I commend you for sharing positive and motiviating techinques that will help a fellow friend. Way to go!