Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slightly More Alive Now

Yeah, so the whole Monday thing was a little ambitious. Monday is my busiest day of the week. But here I am, and it's only Tuesday!  

I've been drinking water like crazy, trying to flush out all that bad attitude and Doritos residue. My eating is much better now... whole grains, spinach, veggies, low fat dairy... and reasonable amounts of each.

I had family down for a visit last week. It wasn't the huge emotional scene I had originally planned, but one family member was pretty impressed by the amount of weight I've lost. This less-than-stellar reception went a long way toward strengthening my resolve to shock the daylights out of them. The next time they see me, I plan to be a fraction of my current self.

Now here's the really big deal... I've been offered the opportunity to accompany someone on a trip halfway around the world. Unbelievable, I know. What an awesome experience!  Because the trip involves short hops on small planes, I need to get to a comfortable weight before I go... I'll have to tell the pilot each time so he/she can calculate fuel, etc. The smaller the plane, the more careful you have to be with fuel calculations. So there's another BIG motivation for me.  

What else is new?  I am still working on my book. Finding the right words to make a scene unfold is both challenging and rewarding. It definitely keeps my imagination working.  It's also fun to be at work, or at a social event, and suddenly see something that just has to go into the book. I find myself writing in all sorts of people and scenarios from daily life. I love the old cliche about the strangeness of truth vs. fiction.  

My family said goodbye to a pet we'd had for a very long time. Even she was ready to go... she was very old and frail... so, although it was sad, it was the right time. Of course, that doesn't keep us from looking for her. The house seems so very empty. But, as that door closed, another is about to open. I am going to rescue a new pet or two next week!  I haven't decided between babies or young adults. One would be more sensible, but a pair seems to be so much more fun. I will let you know what happens on that front! I can't wait to bring home a furball or two :-)

All in all, my coping-without-eating skills have improved dramatically. I consult my "do this instead of eating" list whenever I am tempted to eat out of boredom or stress. It helps.

On that note, I will leave you with a few photos from paradise...

Ibis in the surf

Wild Florida

Juvenile tern reporting to mom

Gator at a secret watering hole

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