Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living in the Ether

I feel like a cartoon character these day... Remember that Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs is in the mansion with the evil scientist? The bottle of ether breaks, and Bugs begins to move in slow motion. That's my life these days. I'm in the middle of an exciting, stress-filled, hectic game of hurry up and wait. I have a house under contract, and I'm in the post-offer screening stage of my new job.  It's all good, and yet... none of it will be done until all the forms are signed and filed. I feel lik I am waiting for an impending implosion.  If, when, this all works out... I will be on cloud nine.  

In the meantime... I am trying very hard to resist temptations of the foodly kind. Despite the stress I am feeling, I have managed to avoid buying ice cream and Doritos for at least a week. I know that sounds pitiful, but I'm an addict. Any time I can leave a grocery store without purchasing either of those items, I have won a small battle. If I win enough battles I will, most likely, win the war. 

I have mixed enough metaphors for one day. Let the games begin. [ha]

1 comment:

  1. Time for an update! How are the house & job changes going? How many doritios have you left behind? H.