Thursday, January 26, 2012


Life is what happens when you're running around dealing with day to day craziness. My new word for this is 'hectivity'. So, what's been happening? Here it is... 
  • Suffering through a terrible cold [first one in years... I have turned into a whiny baby]
  • Job hunting... phone interviews, in-person interviews, meeting new potential bosses and trying to arrive on time [early, always early... then I sit in the parking lot and read books on my Nook]

  • House hunting... it's time to move, and I've just started looking for my next home... exciting and terrifying and nerve-wracking all at once [I do like peeking into other peoples homes... some are living museums to the 1980s... pastel pink and green "tropical decor" makes me shudder]

  • Working on a new business venture with a great new friend. [it's a product for people who love their pets... I think we'll have fun and make some money]

  • Sending a friend off on a great new life adventure... it's hard to say goodbye to someone, and she has misgivings about leaving, but it's all for a greater good [sometimes a person needs a longer runway to achieve flight]
  •  Trying, some days more than others, to stay on the straight and narrow... [I find myself often veering onto the fat and squishy, but my intentions are pure]
  •  Vowing to try a little bit harder today than yesterday, and harder still tomorrow.

Hello, hello to my anonymous commenter! I'm glad you checked Highway 150 when you did :-)


  1. Your anonymous commenter is Hollins from Peer Trainer- it sounds like you have a lot going on- I love your analogy of needing a longer runway to achieve flight- I will remember that. Take care of yourself and enjoy your changes. Holllns

    1. I knew it was you... I'm glad you stopped by here-it makes me feel connected to the last time I found success in this venture.