Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not Dead Yet

Yes, it has been more than a month since my last update.  I keep writing down BS excuses about not having time to sit and write, etc.  After I write each one, I delete it.  The truth is, I have been busy but not all THAT busy.  I'm just full of excuses.  What a wheelbarrow-load of BS.  No one is ever so busy that they can't be healthy and blog about it.

This is the absolute busiest time of year where I live.  Some days I have to hide out at a friend's house after work until traffic dies down enough for me to get home.  It's crazy!  And there are hundreds of people milling about on bicycles.  They dart out from behind bushes thinking that nothing bad could possibly happen to them whilst on vacation.  I tell you, I'm ready for a vacation.
To escape the stress brought on by the seasonal frenzy of activity, I have been eating ice cream and Doritos.  Yep.  I've been making very, very bad decisions.  I have this really nifty trick where I put the chips into my grocery cart and pretend that I am going to bring them in to work.  That rationalization works until I load the bags into the car.  Somehow, I magically forget about the people at work and soothe the stresses of my day with the satisfying crunch of a spectacularly spicy and oddly colored corn chip.  What is it about orange food that soothes the soul??

Things have gotten so out of control that I sometimes tell myself that I deserve a treat.  That's my favorite bit of BS.  What I really deserve is to carve out time for a walk or a swim.  I deserve to be healthy, not chip-laden.

Tomorrow, my journey begins anew.  I'm beginning Phase 2.  I am ready to put the smackdown on my ridiculous BS excuses.... tomorrow.  I want one last night of self-indulgent lassitude and the opportunity for culinary debauchery.  The big question for me is... will I indulge tonight or will I simply go cold turkey on bad food when I leave work tonight.  Check back on Monday.  I will have Big Things to report.

P.S.   Princess Dieter.... thank you for all the kicks in the behind.  I'm finally listening.


  1. It's Monday......

  2. I've been checking and checking here and waiting for your reemergence. Get going now...we need your inspiration! I feel like you can do anything you set your heart to.....I want to watch that ticker go down, as I was doing before.

  3. Excellent. I check in to see if there is life on the highway, and there ya go, posting.

    Now, put Doritos on the "I cannot eat this until I am goal weight and can portion control like nobody's business" list.

    You're a big girl. Eat like one. Eat like an adult. If you wanna stress eat, eat a plum or some celery with peanut butter. Not Doritos. Those suckers increase cravings and make you a junkie. I know....

    Happy Phase 2 to ya!