Monday, January 9, 2012


I can't change without a goal, a reason to drive me forward. In my current state of apathetic couchlumpness, finding a significant motivation has been like finding one leftover chocolate egg buried in the freezer six months after Easter.  But, I am nothing if not ingenious.  After much digging and rearranging I managed to unearth one overlooked egg. More on this later... but rest assured, it was not really a chocolate egg.


  1. Suggestion for another motivator: Take a shot of yourself either naked or in skin-tight outfit or bathing suit. I can tell you,t hat's motivation for me! Visuals can speak really loudly....And then vow to post a picture in six a skin-tight outfit. Public photo (can blur face or identifiers). Trust me, knowing you gotta post a pic in X amount of time can get your ass in gear. :D

  2. Well, almost two weeks. Come on, it's "later" already. Update!