Friday, July 16, 2010

From A Gray Day to Sunnier Skies

I missed my post yesterday.  I also missed my exercise in the pool.  Yesterday was an ugly gray day, and there were thunderstorms all afternoon.  There’s nothing like a thunderstorm in the south in the summer.  We get big lightning and heavy rain.  And when the rain stops, the air so hot and humid and heavy it sometimes makes me feel like I’m a fish breathing under water.

I spent the day watching TV and napping.  I read a bit, too.  I think I was generally avoiding the entire idea of being a member of polite society.  It’s good to step back from the world once in a while.  We have so many demands on us these days that sometimes we need to play hooky from our regular lives.  I don’t mean just taking a day off from work, although those days are necessary as well  I mean take a day off.  No chores, no errands, no blogging, no responsible behavior, no demands.  Yesterday was my day off.

  The sun is out today, and I am back.  I am here.  I am present in the moment. I have eaten nothing unwarranted today.  I plan to get in the pool after work today.  I need to lose more pounds and get strong.  I have important things to do in my life.  The battle continues.

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