Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Day Of July

 Today is the last day of July.  I've been on my journey down Highway 150 for a whole two months now. This two month mark is the first big rest area where I can pull off the road and think about my travels.  I can look back, thinking about where I started.  More importantly, I can look ahead to all the places I have yet to visit.  All in all, I'm glad that I began this journey down Highway 150. 

 I can't believe how much my life has changed in two months!  I eat healthy food in appropriate amounts, I exercise like a demon, and I have lost 35 pounds.  That's 10 percent of my body weight!  According to current wisdom, if I were to have my blood pressure and lab work checked, I should see a significant improvement in all the important numbers.  As for changes that I can see, I have more strength, more endurance, and more energy.  No one I know, other than family, has mentioned any change in my appearance, but I can see the differences.  I used to have one of those shelf booties, but the shelf is gone now.  My boobs stick out farther than my belly again, so I know my stomach is shrinking.  My arms are a little smaller, enough to make a difference in some of the shirts I like to wear to work. 

I have worked hard to make this weight loss effort a success.  I'm the one who makes good food choices, and I'm the one who finds the motivation to exercise at least four hours a week.  But I haven't been alone on my journey.  I have found my family and friends to be supportive.  And I have developed an online support system that rocks!  Everyone who reads and follows this blog is great, and those of you who comment just make my day!  I also have found friends at two online sites: and  Each of these sites has a different feel and a different set of characteristics that make them helpful in the war against blubber. allows members to join both large teams and small groups, and anyone can form a team or a group.  Members have easy to access daily log for thoughts, workouts, meals and snacks.  Each team and group has its own board for comments.  There are also a  number of other resources at PT that I have yet to explore. is a big, fancy website with many different types of resources.  "My Plate" allows users to log food intake and fitness efforts.  Nutrition and calorie-burning information is easy to determine and is nicely recorded.  Members can also join groups, accept dares, and connect with other users in many ways.  

Each site serves a different purpose for me. PEERtrainer allows me to connect with controlled numbers of people in my small groups.  In these groups I have found new friends to encourage and who encourage me.  Livestrong is the place where I keep track of my calorie intake and fitness goals and where I map my progress.

Recent research has shown that people who belong to online weight loss communities are more successful in their efforts to lose weight and change their lifestyles.  In this fight for my life, I'm ready to do anything and everything to increase my chances for success.  

Thank you for reading, commenting, sharing and encouraging.  It's time to hit the road again!  I'm back on Highway 150, heading for my destiny.

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  1. Love your highway name!! Also, thanks for info on I haven't heard about that site.

    There will be a day when people comment on your reduction!