Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out of the Water and Onto the Land

I do not believe I was meant to be a land animal. I just went for a walk. On land. On a sidewalk. I am in pain. My hip is killing me! I cannot believe that I am the same person who can run in the pool for an hour. My hip flexor muscles are threatening to go on strike. Hip flexors are the tiny little muscles in your hips that allow you to lift your legs when you stride along or climb stairs. Mine are wimps. They are sad little underdeveloped and under-utilized bits of uselessness. Apparently, I have neglected them terribly. Running in the pool was great for my legs, but, due to the buoyancy of the water, my hip flexors never had to work very hard. On land, I am suddenly demanding that they perform like champions. I have apologized profusely, but they are still not speaking to me. I swear... something always tries to knock me off course. Not this time, though. I will not be derailed!

On a high note, the humidity is gone and we finally have some decent weather. This summer was hot, and it started early. I feel it's only fitting that fall come early as well. If you have never been to Florida in the fall, you have to put it on your bucket list. It is absolutely beautiful here. The sky is blue with big puffy clouds, and the air is warm but not too hot.

In honor of the great weather, I am going to get my paltry hip flexors pumped up. No more sitting when I can be walking. I am quite positive that has contributed to the problem. These babies have a lot to move, and they need to get up to the task. Wish me luck!

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  1. While those muscles are hurting and not speaking to you, they are getting way stronger. It's a beautiful thing. :-)