Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still Here!

Yes, I'm still here and still fighting the battle for my life. Despite taking a two week break from tracking calories, I have still managed to lose weight. I take this to mean that I am doing something right even though I'm not doing everything right.

I'm about ready to start tracking my food again. I guess I have finally gotten to the point where I am ready to get going again with an active weight loss effort. It's not exciting, it's not really anything but work. But, I can do it. I have no other choice. Back to work!


  1. I love, love, love checking your weight loss ticker. I check it every week, and read your words every morning. The underlying theme I sense is SUCCESS. Your weight loss ticker has moved steadily....along with the rest of you. I always feel your strong, steady, unwaivering determination to succeed. In turn, that attitude has helped me in my own journey. I KNOW with certainty that you will reach 150, and I can't wait to see the ticker that day! I'll be out here in the West, cheering.

  2. Thank you. I really needed to hear that today!