Friday, August 6, 2010

Donut Debacle

I ate a donut today.  I also ate french fries.  This behavior was as much a shock to me as it should be to you.  I don't eat donuts.  I don't eat french fries.  I'm still not exactly sure why I did.  What I do know is that I ate these things with my eyes wide open.  Even though I knew I shouldn't, I ate them anyway.  And I enjoyed them.  That donut was awesome.  It was the most sugary thing I've eaten in months!  Every bite was delicious.  

But, as I've said before, there are no free passes.  I had to get rid of the evidence before the day ended.  No carryovers, no "cheat meal deals", no "oh, I deserved it just this once", no eating without accountability.

So, I was in the pool within minutes after getting home from work.  An hour and a half of shallow water running and goofy looking pseudo aqua Zumba later, I felt as if I had put enough calories in the food bank to pay for my transgressions.  I hope no humans could see me!  I'm sure I looked like an idiot dancing around like a maniac.  I had fun though... I think Zumba has some serious potential for me.  I can't dance worth a lick, so it will be good for comic relief as well.  Craziness!  

To top it all off, I ate sauteed cabbage for dinner.  I cooked it up with chopped onions and a bit of chicken broth, tossed in a couple dollops of chipotles in adobo, and then topped it off with some feta and LF mozzarella.  I think of cabbage as "South Beach pasta."  This works well for me.  Calorie count for two cups of cabbage? About 50 calories.  Bonus!

I will sleep well tonight.

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