Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh I Did MUCH Better Today!

I think I ate my weight in food today. I started at breakfast and just kept right on going throughout the day. Ironically, I still ended up below my calorie limit in every category except straight carbohydrates. I refuse to eat any more today. I quit. 


I went out to swim today and said hello to a few lizards on the way to the pool. One of them appeared to have quite a large mouthful. On closer inspection I realized it was a baby lizard! I felt so betrayed. We had words, the lizard and I... I'm pretty sure that lizard is now aware of my displeasure. I still wonder what the neighbors thought about the shouting... "NO! Don't eat the BABIES!!"


I am thinking about telling my sister about my weight loss endeavors. I feel funny keeping it a secret from her. My brothers can wait to find out, but my sister? I think she'll be sorry to have missed it. Opinions? Advice? Votes for or against?

 I live in Florida, but I have many friends along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada. I do hope Hurricane Earl leaves them all alone. We're well used to hurricanes, although we don't like them at all! Some of these other folks are not as prepared for them. This has been a hard year all around. No one needs more catastrophe. Stay out at sea with the fishes, Earl. And you, too, Fiona.

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  1. Will your sister feel badly if she doesn't know? I think your gut feeling to tell her is right. You sound so close, and you want her a part of this, not separate from such a mighty endeavor! You just might want a co-pilot as you travel your highway, and it sounds like your sis would be all that and then some. And thanks....I read you daily before I post my day's plan on PT.