Monday, August 16, 2010

Pool-Free Day

Monday is my pool-free day. It is the only day of the week that I don't run in the water for any length of time. By the time the breeze picks up enough to get out into the pool, it is time for me to leave for work. There's just no time for the pool on Mondays.

At first, I enjoyed this respite from exercising. I exercise strenuously the other six days and thought I would enjoy a day off. I did, up until this week. Today I looked out at the water and felt a desperate longing to run for my hour instead of heading off to work. I am sure the glittering blue water had more to do with my pool envy than any altruistic need for exercise. But the result was the same. I wanted to exercise.


I tried on a pair of shorts today. The last time I remember wearing them was at least five years ago. A month ago I tried them and could only get the button and the buttonhole within 2-3 inches of each other. Today... they buttoned. They were inappropriately tight, but they were buttoned! One more week or so and I'll be able to wear them in public. Victory is sweet, and it is mine.


  1. Way to go!!!

    It's always good when exercise becomes something we WANT to do! Fitting into too tight clothes feels so great!!! Awesome job!!

  2. Aw shucks... you're too kind! Well, not really. I love hearing it! :-D