Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yet Another Reason for Traveling Down Highway 150

I started down this road because I wanted to be a paramedic again.  That goal was cemented firmly in the front of my mind.  But I've found that the farther I travel, the more reasons I find for continuing.  I have never been the sort of person to live a certain way or do a particular thing just because someone else wanted it.  Marching to my own drummer pretty much sums up my style.  Recently, though, I realized that this journey is not just for me.  Much to my own surprise, I want to become a normal-sized person for my parents.  They're getting older, just as I am, and I want to complete my transformation in time for them to enjoy it.  They worry about me.

I have not led the life my parents would have chosen for me.  There has been no wedding, no marriage; I have no children.  It wasn't until this year that I really felt bad that I had not produced any babies for my mother to enjoy.  Thank goodness my brothers did!  Still, it would have been nice for her to have grandbabies from a daughter.  She will never have that.  It is simply too late. The one important thing that I can give her, however, is my transformation into a healthy, well-proportioned individual.  I can achieve this goal, and it will make her happy.  Besides, I'm already 18% of the way there!

I think it would please my parents in a soul-deep way to see me happy and healthy.  They will feel that my future is more secure.  Most of all, my mother will be absolutely delighted to take me shopping.  Now, you must understand that I have a deep-seated hatred for clothes shopping.  My mother, on the other hand, just loves it.  Being able to go shopping with her, and have her pick out different outfits for me to try on, will make her incredibly happy.  And so, I travel this road for her as much as for myself.  She deserves it.

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