Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quel tragique!

I can no longer wear my everyday t-shirts.* They are more like mini-dresses than shirts now, with hems that hang down to my knees and sleeves that drape halfway to my wrists.  I shall have to dig through boxes to see if I have any others that fit. I sadly fear I gave too many away in a fit of pique one day last year. At the time, I was thoroughly convinced that I would never lose weight. Even if I did, I rationalized, fashions would be so vastly different that I would need new clothes anyway. I am not sure where that reasoning originated; I am certainly no slave to fashion! 

I refuse to buy "in between" clothes. I do not want to afford "in between" clothes, and there is no way I'm going to buy any clothes now if I can possibly avoid it. I will barely have time to wash them before I have to trade down again. And it's not just the shirts that are causing me fits. My pants are starting to slide down off my butt. The only thing holding them up at this point is a slight bit of stretch in the elastic and the bumps of fat on my hips. Their saving grace is that they are hideous elastic waist pants and will be easy to alter. Lest any of you fear for my fashion faux pas, they are not polyester pull-ons. They are actually quite comfortable crinkle cotton capris. Work attire is very casual at my job! The only real problem with them is that they are big enough to house a rather large family of badgers.

I really love poking through boxes of clothes. It gives me something to do, yes, but it's also a trip through the past, a bit of an archeological exploration. I can look at an article of clothing and remember what I was doing when I was "that size."  Sometimes, though, the memories are more faded. I found myself poring over older photos looking for a certain pair of pants. I almost called my sister to ask her if she remembered them. My sister, as the youngest, has caretaker responsibilities for the familial memory treasury. She is still young enough that her gray cells have not yet begun to atrophy like the rest of ours have. Fortunately, I found a photo and did not have to make the call. I was glad for that, because I still have not told her of my weight loss journey. I did drop a teaser into an email. What can I say? I am an older sister. It's my job to tease. I want to postpone my big reveal for as long as possible!

*Isn't it awful? The things we losers have to contend with and confront! 


My wish for you today is that all of you will find both happiness and the rejuvenation of your souls in the your journeys toward health, weight loss, wellness and fitness.


  1. Give me that kind of tragedy any day!! Way to go! I, like you, have placed a moratorium on any new clothes purchases until I reach my goal, or until all my clothes are just falling off my body (I wish). I do, however, still have some smaller sized clothes tucked away that I can begin to wear eventually (I hope). Keep trucking, girl. You are tearing up Highway 150!

  2. You'll be in those clothes before you know it! Thank you for joining me for the ride.

  3. Awesome accomplishment!!! I love it when clothes start to fall off!!