Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cupcake Happiness Award Redux

Yea! Another cupcake Happiness award! I'm glad these things have no calories! This one comes to me from Loretta at Loretta's Journey. She is truly amazing and is an inspiration to me every day. Please visit her blog and read about her journey.

She asked that I share ten things I like, so here they are!
  1. Seeing wild things swimming in the ocean, even when they scare me a little.
  2. The very first day of fall when we wake to cool breezes and the afternoon sun feels warm instead of like the summertime ball of fire.
  3. Cats. They aren't new to my list, but they are such furry bundles of love I had to mention them again.
  4. The belly giggles that babies make. How can a person not like them?
  5. Halloween. And it has to be scary Halloween, not that happy Halloween business.
  6. The beach in September when there are hardly any visitors here. It is so peaceful.
  7. The perfect exercise session, when I end up feeling strong, proud, and a bit smug.
  8. A really great cup of coffee.
  9. Cinnamon. My greatest weakness is anything with cinnamon, fat and sugar in just the right proportions.
  10. Reading the stories of people who are taking the risk and sharing their journeys as they change their lives. They're living the "write" way.

 The people who received this award are:
Please stop by and visit these great blogs. Remember, everyone has a story to tell! Thank you again, Loretta! Keep writing and keep sharing your story. We need to hear it. 


  1. I enjoyed your list very much! Especially #1, it was so unusual, and sounds wonderful and exciting. :-)


  2. I'm on the same road...and slowly, slowly getting there. I'm with on the great cup of coffee and learning to love cinnamon in a less-high fat setting.