Friday, September 24, 2010

The Honeymoon is Over

I finally figured out why I have been so blah about food and exercise lately. The honeymoon is over, the blush is off the rose, the novelty has worn off. I am nearly to the end of my fourth month on this journey and it is quickly becoming nothing more exciting than my daily routine. I miss the newness, the sense of excitement over a new commitment. Right at the moment all I feel is drudgery. One foot in front of the other and then just keep going.

This must be the "lifestyle change" that no one really thinks about when beginning a fitness-finding journey. All of a sudden, the whole process changes from something noble and invigorating to something more daunting. After the early days have passed, this is no longer the beginning of a journey, but a lifetime stretching out ahead. It is a long way to 150 from here. I am definitely going to continue down Highway 150, but I will be looking for a few roadside attractions to liven things up.


  1. Keep on driving! You can do it! Have you thought of joining a class of some kind? Dance, yoga. Might be a nice diversion. Kudos to you for keeping it up!

  2. I understand completely! We have ALL been there before :) Keep on truckin' girl!