Monday, September 20, 2010

Transition Week on Highway 150

This is a transition week for me. I'm moving back into my own space after seven weeks of house sitting. That house represents seven significant weeks of my journey. The pool of my metamorphosis is at that house. I ran over 142 virtual miles in that pool! I will still be able to use the pool, but it will not be available to me every day. So, I have to transition to other forms of exercise. I knew this day was coming, but I never really visualized it. And, today it is here. 

Today I have the option of choosing to have a day of rest or popping in an exercise video when I get home. I am anxious to see which one I choose! Either one is acceptable, because I have not taken a day off from exercising in over a week.

Not having the pool to run in every day means that the time has come for me to join the gym. I am not sure why I am apprehensive about it. I know how to use the machines. I mean, I have managed four-car motor vehicle accidents... I should be able to tame an elliptical. I think my hesitation comes partly from the fact that I haven't done any of those things in years and partly from the fact that I have developed a very narrow exercise comfort zone. As much as that pool has helped me, it has also insulated me from the rest of the world. I feel like I am emerging into a brave new world of social fitness. When I go to the gym, I will be surrounded. Instead of exercising in front of lizards, snakes, and frogs, I will have to show myself to other people. All of a sudden, my witnesses will be the kind who can make judgments about my abilities. I will be on display. 

That is probably the root of my insecurity. All I can say to that now is "Oh well. I am shrinking as fast as I can, folks!" If they don't want to watch me sweat and shrink, they can look at the TV. Right? I have work to do and I cannot let anyone else stand in my way. I will not let myself use other people as an excuse not to do strength training. I will not allow myself to do nothing instead of pool running. I will walk, and I will ride my bike, and I will lift weights, and I will continue to shrink and grow strong. And I will do it all at a pace that is right for me. This is a new day.

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