Monday, September 6, 2010

Reading the Fine Print

The poof could make me a hater. Seriously. There I was, happily celebrating my first fifty, when all of a sudden, just a short day later, my body poofed out and the scale bounced up. What do you mean I have to give back two pounds! And the fifty pound reward?? Hey! What? No, no I didn't read the fine print. Oh what the... Sigh. I know it's just water, but it still puts me back behind "the fifty."

I haven't yet decided on an appropriate reward for the fifty. I have gotten some neat things so far as rewards for other goals that I have achieved: fitness DVDs, a digital food scale, a sweet pair of pool running shoes. I also have a gym membership pending. I will be activating that sometime next week! Very exciting! But this fifty is really a big milestone for me. I would like to mark it with something more than just a commitment to follow through with the next three fifties. In reality, that would be the best reward! I just want something tangible, something I can point to and say, "I got that when I lost the first fifty."

The good news is that I have at least another day to ponder before I hit the first fifty for the second time. I must wait until the poof subsides. Playing by the rules is important. Next time, though, I will be certain to read the fine print.


  1. But you will make it that second time! I have NO doubt!

    Thanks for emailing me about your post; I left a comment there too. :o)

  2. Update: Thanks to all the cosmic good wishes from readers and followers, I'm back to the FIFTY. This time there will be no tortilla chips involved in the celebration. Yes, I read the fine print!
    Thank you everyone!!

  3. Stupid fine print! :) The important thing is you are there and we always weigh different from day to day. Just keep pushing on to the next 50!

    As for your reward, pick something special! Something you really want! I wish I had done mini-rewards in the beginning. I will definitely have to find something awesome for the 100 mark.

  4. You will get there! Push can do it! Congratulations :)

  5. Congratulations on the first 50!!

    I love mini-rewards, too. And I understand about wanting something tangible.

    As a reward for the first challenge I ever participated in, I picked a beautiful little lamp made out of piece of Himalayan
    rock salt. It glowed a soft yellowish orange, and is gorgeous. And most mornings when I turn it on, I think "I earned that!" That has so much more meaning than just being a thing I bought.

    I'm curious to see what you choose. :-)

  6. Hey--I remember your other blog post. Isn't the POOF often followed by a WHOOSH? Here's hoping your WHOOSH will come soon (I'm sure it will)! :0)

  7. I've just read through all the posts on your blog over the last couple of days (I think I skipped a couple) and have enjoyed reading your story.

    I notice that you consider they way you're eating to be a 'diet'. Have you thought about your eating habits as a lifestyle change? I have lost a modest amount in the last few months (12% of my starting weight) and a) this is the 'right time' for me, definitely, compared to all the other times is played at eating healthily and b) I couldn't have done it if anything was banned. I only eat foods I can 'afford' but if I really really really want that KK donut, I'll eat it and then pay the price.

    I guess the reason I bring this up is what happens when you're at 150? How will you be eating then? You've done an amazing job of eating healthy foods but how are you going to eat for the rest of your life?

  8. Great comments!!! I stil haven't decided on a reward yet. I seem to be hovering right around the "fifty" mark, so I will wait until I start to slide down the scale again.

    As for my "diet"... This is a really important point! Thanks for making it. I call it a diet because it's just easier. I'm a big believer in making changes that people can stick with for the long haul. One of the reasons I am super careful about what I eat is that I'm still at a point where I can only exercise to a certain degree. As my capabilities increase, I will be able to burn more and more calories, and will therefore be able to eat a greater variety of foods. I'm pretty happy eating high quality foods. There aren't that many things I really "miss".. except pizza. And I do have that once in a while. I'm in this for the long term, and I imagine that when I get to 150 I'll eat pretty much what I eat now. Except I hope to be a real runner then, and that level of cardio forgives a number of culinary sins. :-D One of these days I'll post a typical week's worth of meals... that'll give you a better idea of my view of food. Thanks for that idea!