Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awarded, Tagged and Questioned

My first blogger award comes to me by way of my friend at I’m Too Sexy for This Fat. She’s a riot, and I hope you head over to check out her blog. I have to ask, though... Who the heck is responsible for sending cupcakes to the fat girl?? 

Let's see, as one of the conditions of this award, I am supposed to list ten things I like. As per the instructions, here is my list. I hope you enjoy!  

TEN THINGS I LIKE (in no particular order):

1.  The swimming pool that is saving my life.
2.  The lizards that keep me company while I swim.
3.  My friends and family.
4.  The Internet-Livestrong, PEERtrainer, and the rest of the online support community.
5.  Saving lives.
6.  Billowy clouds on bright sunny days.
7.  People who risk themselves for the sake of others.
8.  Great books.
9.  The knowledge that I will one day be a real athlete.
10. Cats. Cats are awesome!

My friend also got tagged with a list of eight questions. Her answers are over on her blog and mine are here for you to peruse.
    1. You can have one super power, what would it be?  Invisibility.
    2. Which do you see as more important, diet or exercise? Exercise. 
    3. If we're forced to become vegetarians by law could you do so or would you frequent the black market for meat?  I was a vegetarian at one point, so I think I’d be fine.
    4. Do you consider the word 'Obese' to be a proper word to define those extremely over-weight, or do you consider it to be improper if not a hateful word?  OhBeast is one of the nastiest, slimiest, most denigrating words ever to enter the English language
    5. Do you believe that Elvis died on August 16, 1977 or was his death a conspiracy cover up? He died. On the can. It’s actually a popular way to go. Just ask any paramedic. They’ll tell you.  
    6. How much water do you drink a day and do you agree that water intake of 8 glasses a day or more is critical to a healthy body?  I live for water. I am losing weight by getting the water into me and by getting myself into the water. Water is saving my life.
    7. Aliens have invaded earth and landed a mile from your house, do you run for the hills, do you grab a weapon & charge, or do you try and communicate with them?  Well, not only did they land, but they also moved into a house down the street. They’re all named John and they throw great parties. (Buckaroo Banzai...the 8th Dimension... anyone?)
    8. Is your current approach to getting healthy an approach you consider to be fun and can you do it for the rest of your life?  Yes!! I love to move, I love to see and do different things. The smaller I get, the faster and farther I’ll be able to go. I really love to be active, and there are just so many things I want to do again or for the first time. Seriously. I used to be a backpacker and a mountain biker! I have been rock climbing!

    Finally, Ms. Too Sexy tagged me with a list of eight questions of her own. You’ll find out some things about me that you most likely never considered!
    1. What's your favorite Dr. Suess book? Bartholomew and the Oobleck... It’s not as well-known, but it was soooo good! 
    2. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?  The Frog! My mom made me a big green frog head out of papier mache. Oh my, I just loved that frog. 
    3. If you could "live" in any TV town and be friends with all the characters in the cast, which TV show would it be?  Oh, “24” for sure. If I could go back in time to my 20s, that’s the route I would have taken. Federal law enforcement. Shazam! 
    4. Do you believe in ghosts/the supernatural?  Yes. Yes I do. I went to a scene once-a woman had passed away at home and not been found for several days. When we found her I swear on my cat’s honor that she was there waiting for us. There was this sense of profound relief in the air, like now that we’d found her she could go. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  
    5. Which would be easier, to live without music or to live with TV?  Take my TV, but if you touch my iPOD someone is going to get hurt. 
    6. Yogi Bear or Winnie the Pooh?  Oh, the Pooh. Every time. 
    7. Bigger turn off, bad breath or body odor?  Bad breath. Body odor can be attributed to honest sweat. Bad breath is an indication that something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong. 
    8. Would you rather cook for someone or have someone cook for you? I love to cook! I’ll cook for you if you clean up after.

    Here is the list of all the people who got tagged: 

    1. Be Who??? At BU 
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    5. Fit, Fat, and Back Again 
    6. Have You Gained Weight? (The Ups & Downs of the Unknown Dieter) 
    7. Happy Peach 
    8. Not Trying Just Doing
    Last, but not least, I am supposed to tag another eight people. While I was delighted to have this opportunity, I have always been the party pooper in the world of chain letters. So, if you feel worthy, grab the award and the questions and run with them! Just let me know if you decide to post them, because I definitely want to read your answers and congratulate you!

    Happy Blogging, Happy Weight Loss, Happy Fitness, Happy September, Happy Life!

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    1. Thanks for answering the questions. Blogging tends to be one sided in that you find out what the other person wants you to know. I love learning other random stuff, as well. Great idea on how to handle the award and the tag. I love getting them but trying to award them or pass them on can be problematic. So, I am going to also adopt your "grab it" idea.

      24? Really? I'd get shot or blown up in the first episode for sure. You are much braver than I.

      I also love to cook but hate the clean up part.

      Your supernatural story is a little spooky. I am beginning to get the sense that you are a very brave lady. You also swim with lizards--yep--brave lady.