Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Moment of Win

Here is my moment of win.... I have a living room sofa that is normal length but has a seating depth that is really quite shallow. Normally, I would have enjoyed a deep, plushy sofa, the kind that begs you to take naps on Sunday afternoons. Alas, I have a tiny living room. The only way to fit a sofa and a coffee table in there was to get a sofa designed mostly for upright sitting. Of course, I never sat that way. I slumped and slouched, trying to figure out how to get my fat butt situated on the sofa so that I could lie on it. As you can imagine, I had limited success with that plan of attack.

Now, fast forward past seven weeks of healthy eating and pool running. I haven't spent much time sitting on the sofa in the past two months, including the last week that I have been back at home. Last night I got home after a long day and flopped on the sofa. I settled in to watch a bit of TV while the cookies for work baked in the oven. I swung my feet up onto the sofa and rested my head on a cushion. I kept scootching down, looking for that sweet spot in between sitting and lying down. You know the one? As I settled in to watch my show, I suddenly realized that my butt was all the way on the sofa. I was lying on my sofa! I got up and looked at the sofa cushions. Then I tried again, just to make sure. Yup, I was lying on the sofa! And I don't mean precariously perched on the edge. I was hunkered down, snuggled in, comfy on the couch. Yea! Of course, this realization was immediately followed by the buzzer announcing the arrival of fresh baked cookies. 

Yes, I know you're wondering. I did eat cookies. I think I had three or four small ones. I am okay with the eating of cookies. That was an anomalous occurrence that actually brought me up to my calorie goal for the day! Double win. Double win mitigated by the fact that my sugar total for the day went through the roof. I know, I know. I preach vigilance on one hand and eat cookies with the other hand. Know that I ate the cookies with my eyes wide open. There was no attempt to fool myself into thinking that I could keep eating cookies without impacting my health. If I had already passed my calorie goal for the day, I would not have eaten the cookies. They weren't that good. I would rather wear standard size clothes than eat cookies! I thought of all that as I ate cookies with my still fat-yet-shrinking butt securely ensconced on the sofa.


  1. Laughing! Your posts are so true to life they are funny! Congratulations on the couch comfort!

  2. I don't let a day pass without reading your words. Today's was a classic. What a treat for us and a triumph for you. I've been lazy lately, and your post helped me remember to be true to my plan and get up and go! Thank you.